Leather browbands and custom-designed interchangeable bead strands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Be Expressive beaded browband offers the following superior features:

What size is the browband?
The standard leather browband is 16”. If a different size is needed, we can accommodate

Can I order a smaller or larger browband size other than 16”?
Yes absolutely, just contact us with the size needed and we can have one made specially for you.

Why is the bead strand loose when my browband is straight?
To allow for cleaning and changing the bead strand, there needs to be some looseness. Once the browband is curved, it will tighten and remain in place without issue, thanks to our unique FlexChange System. If for any reason the strand loosens while it is curved on the horse, we will repair it at no cost.

I like your designs, but can I design my own bead strand?
Yes, just contact us and let us know what you would like.

How do I clean my browband?
Our browbands are made of bridle leather. It is recommended that you remove your bead strand from the browband prior to cleaning. Your browband should be cleaned with a quality saddle soap and leather conditioner.

How do I clean my bead strands?
Since all of our strands are made of quality crystals and beads, it is recommended to take the bead strand off of the browband and clean with a mild soap and warm water. Rubbing your silver components with the polishing cloth enclosed will clean any tarnish that may appear. Remember to treat your bead strands like you would a fine piece of jewelry.

Are the products guaranteed?
It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied with their purchase. We will repair your purchases free of charge in the unlikely event of product failure with normal use. If there is clear abuse, a nominal fee will be charged.

Can the bead strands break?
Our unique FlexChange system allows not only for free interchangeability of individual bead strands, but for maximum flexibility of the strand, helping to eliminate breakage. Under normal use, our product holds up very well. It is recommended that you do not over bend the browband with the bead strands attached, and care for your bead strands as you would a fine piece of jewelry.

How do I pay for my order?
We would prefer payment through PayPal, but personal checks are accepted. If paying by personal check, your order will ship after the check clears, which usually takes up to ten days.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
As long as the items you are ordering are in stock, they will be shipped within 3 days of receiving your PayPal order. If the order is paid by check, it will be shipped as soon as the check clears — usually within 10 days. Otherwise, it is our goal to produce and ship your order within two weeks. Delivery time will depend on the chosen delivery method.

Throughout time crystals and stones have been regarded as having special qualities for protection, healing, balance, and spiritual purposes. This guide outlines many of the commonly believed properties.

Amethyst – Calming, meditative, and balance. Allows emotional stability and inner strength.

Aqua Marine – Allows serenity and great peace making it powerful for meditation.

Moss Agate – Protective stone. Promotes self-confidence and higher self-esteem and confidence.

Pearl – Centering, calming, and emotional stability. Promotes faith, integrity, truth, and loyalty.

Peridot – Balances the emotional mind, is excellent for healing, and is regarded as a stone of compassion.

Red Sesame Jasper – Powerful stone of protection and eases emotional stress.

Sapphire – Enhances intuition, creative expression, and meditation. Regarded to benefit mental clarity.

Sodalite – Promotes inner peace and harmony. Stimulates endurance so is known to be a stone of athletics.

Topaz – Stone of hope, emotional balance, and releases tension.

Unakite - Balances spirituality and emotions allowing contentment and a feeling of joy.

Information on the metaphysical properties is for reference and inspiration only. This information is not meant to replace medical diagnosis or treatment.